Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Little Bit of a College Mantra

It is blowing my mind how quickly the weeks are flying by. I mean, wasn't it just last week that we started on this crazy adventure? Oh wait. No. That was 8 WEEKS AGO! Over halfway done with the semester. Holy smokes.

But honestly, this whole idea that college will go by fast does not scare me, or make me feel like I'm gonna miss out on something. This phase of my life is just temporary, as all phases of life are. and I'm not concerned with livin' up da college experience. Sure, I am going to take in as much learning and life lessons that I can. But I have no interest in parties, or large group socializing. Small, informal stuff is what I do best, and opportunities like Bible study have already presented themselves, and made me feel so much more in my element. I have already learned that college is the place where I can truly be myself--I can where what I've been wanting to wear for years, people--and not feel as left out for being wholly myself. So yes, I realize it is unrealistic, for me at least, to think that I can leave college unchanged, uninfluenced. But I know the simple truths in my life that will not change in these next 4 years...

My love for God;
My love for James; 
My love for my family;
My morals; 
My many beliefs that life is precious, and should be lived to the fullest, and protected in all circumstances

College is a giant mystery, but it's not something that I will let scare me, or change who I am in my innermost being. I (we) will get through college so insanely speedy, that we'll have to do a double take--maybe even a triple take. We'll wonder where the time went between our high school graduation gowns and our college graduation ceremony. But then we'll look towards our future careers, adventures, and lives together, and those short 4 years will seem so minimal.

I am catching myself being future obsessed again. just a side note. It's Sunday, though. no need to fantasize about what's to come, when God promises a life of pure and complete happiness in his words and light.

'"All things are possible for God..."'
Mark 10: 28

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