Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Week That I Loved, and The Even More Lovely Week Ahead

Last weekend James and I went on an adventure to the park by Park University, which ended up being one of the funniest times we've had in a while.

Proof that we were being goofy as ever, hehe

It was a great night, and we ended the weekend with mass with my family Sunday. The past week has been stressful and filled with two of the most difficult exams of the semester, along with a meltdown or two. But here we stand. 

With each trial that we are thrown, our bond only strengthens, and my fears lose their hold on me. And I am not afraid of what the future holds. I have faith in what God is doing, in what he has planned. 

A beautiful weekend, a magnificent week, and a loving God who never refuses his mercy. I am so indefinitely blessed

P.S.  this coming Tuesday is two years. holy smokes. Did I mention that I love that boy?

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