Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 30, 2010 and Then Some...

I can not believe it. What? How did a year go by so quickly? Oh my. words cannot describe how elated I was last Tuesday. When we finally saw each other that night, all I could do was smile. I mean, how couldn't I?? God has blessed me for over 2 years with the most perfect young man. There are so many things about him that make me a better, more-willing-to-live-my-life kind of person. 

So on Friday, with our crazy tests behind us, we set out to spend a night at the Nelson Atkins Museum, and it was so us. We're that strange childish couple that some people would be annoyed with. but I love it. I'm me when we're together. I've always been a weirdo, and with James I can just be the weirdest nerd ever, and feel loved for it. After the Nelson, we went to Crown Center for some Fritz's yummy sandwich diner food. 

Ooooohhhh, yeah. see what I mean by we act like kids? ;)

After dinner, we went to the ice skating terrace across the street, and let me just state that we pretty much TORE UP that rink. I mean, we didn't fall once, we were makin' those turns like pros...need I say more? I think everyone in attendance was impressed. 

In all, we had a perfect night together, one that I am sure we'll look back on and smile. What kind of smile you may ask? 

One like this.

" never fails..." 
1 Corinthians 13: 8

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