Monday, November 26, 2012

Wrapping Up Fall

Can you stinkin' believe it? Fall came and went with a speed that makes me feel like time is flying by my eyes. 

And I want to take it all in. 
I want to breathe in these last few couple weeks of fall, And welcome winter with warm arms. 
Oooo, I love the changing seasons. if I could thank my parents for one thing about how we lived, it'd be that we lived in Missouri where all four seasons visit. 

What Ive been up to lately...

Taking pictures of this cutie pie

I mean, isn't he a stud? 

Thanksgiving with my family:

 And Christmas tree hunting with James' family!

God is so good, so great. and I may forget to thank Him somedays, but I know that He will always love me. He is my constant. I have no fear of what life will hold for the Lord of all creation is with me. 

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