Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ending a Semester, and It Feels So Good

My classes are over. What. 

I am obviously a happy person. I had the time to mess around with my camera the other day, and decided that even though the quality of these is low--I'm convinced my camera is on the downward spiral of death--, I'd share them anyways.

So my days have been seriously spectacular. I have been watching Netflix movies, eating food, sleeping in, talking with family, and cuddling with my boy.
How lucky blessed I am.

I will spend this week wrapping presents, finishing up my nursing school application, and then submitting it--once again I am reminded of how much of my life lies in God's hands; I wouldn't want it in any others. 

BTW: It's December everyone! Advent! Jesus' birthday! My birthday! Ahhhhh!

Also, I am happy. (: So, so stinkin' happy. Which may or may not have to do with the very large possibility of me and 2 lovely ladies moving into an apartment in a month or so....

 P.S. I guess it's my new thing to end a post in a b&w. Ohhh yeah.

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