Sunday, December 16, 2012

This May Be True

I may not have the attractive quality that draws people into my stories. I may not be the most fashion savvy person ever. I'm pretty sure my photography has huge gaps for improvement. And I may not even be the best writer, for this blog or for other reasons. But I know that my adventures are blessings, and having the opportunity to write about them is a chance I couldn't pass up. So when I get down about this blog receiving such a small number of notice, or just it's lack of followers, I remember that I am writing this blog as an outlet. As a means of expressing and documenting the crazy beautiful things that life brings my way.

So yeah, this blog isn't amazing, nor does it entail the most romantic and well worded love story to ever hit the blogosphere. But it's our love story, our adventures, and my heart couldn't be more full with love for God, my family, and James.

There's my blurb. more later with pics and pure happiness from this weekend Christmasing with James' family.

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