Wednesday, January 9, 2013

End to 2012, Hope for a New Year

Since I was absent on the whole Christmas and New Year's blogging opportunities, and because it's about that time we are reminded of the holiday spirit as life kicks us back into gear--I'm blogging about my Christmas time now. 

Go ahead, be excited.

Christmas snuck up on the Witherow family like no other, and before we knew it, White Christmas was on the tele, and we were caroling like it was the sing-along version--I guarantee you, it was not.

After opening presents and soaking up every once of love in my mama's house, we headed off to my great aunt's home for some late lunch, and then I left to see my love.

We exchanged gifts, for him: a lovely trapper hat, plaid shirt, and St. Michael the archangel medal; for her: a crucifix that seriously took my breath away (it shall be in my new home), a watch, and an iPod hook-up for my car (where have I been...)

By the 28th, I was seriously doubting that it was my birthday. I need help with time passing by, I swear. 

Best gift he's ever given me, filled the brim with personality and love--swoon.

I turned 19. my last year of my teens began, and I enjoyed the best birthday with family and James, Laying down that night with the most gratitude towards my Creator.

Within three days, 2012 was at a close, and I was too--quarantined from the party my family was throwing downstairs, I was shut in behind my bedroom door. However, I was kept company by the best kind of company around--my best friend and goofiest love. We watched the walking dead on Netflix, SIDE NOTE, WE ARE OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW AND ARE DYING FOR FEBRUARY WHEN IT RETURNS. and after I took an hour long nap, we watched the ball drop and the clock strike twelve; together, yet feet away for fear of contamination--no worries, I didn't infect anyone. :)

2012 was an amazing year of change, growth, and it opened doors for countless possibilities. I think ahead to where this year will take me, take us, and my heart flutters, because I know that after this year we will be stronger, and closer to our destination. 

With the new year comes resolutions--best part right?! I decided to finally make a resolution that would be a positive change in my life, as well as something I would be interested in sticking to. After some intense brainstorming, I came up with the following resolutions; one for creativity, and one for my soul.

-For the creative spirit- a 365 photo-a-day challenge; be that either with the instant or canon, get out there and grow in photography

-For the soul- take time each day to give thanks; morning or night, tell and praise God for the many blessings in my life.

I believe in the power of using your creative side to express yourself, and grow a hobby into a talent, as well as the truth that being thankful for something each day stirs immense spiritual growth. I can not wait to see where both of these resolutions take me over the course of this year, and where I take them.

Cheers to the new year, chance, and joy.


p.s. to see my 365 journey, follow me on Instagram @katwith (:

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