Monday, February 4, 2013

Messy and Blurby

Successes this week include (but are not limited to):

*Completing surviving my first full week of classes

*Having numerous into the wee hours of the night talks with my roommates about life

*Catching up on the office (ahhhh)

*Enjoying a 74 degree weather day

*Freezing my toosh off in below 25 degree weather 

*Loathing Missouri weather

*Questioning why I live in Missouri and not somewhere awesome like the mountains

*Finding joy in revelation 

*Making a major decision that affects my finances, hobby, and creativity/purchasing a new camera  (AND THIS IS WHEN I DIE OF EXCITEMENT)

*Taking--as in not failing--my first A&P exam of the semester

*Discovering "the thrift song" which is what I'd like to call a highly inappropriate version of my life as a thriftaholic

*Dreamy conversations with my love about running away and being mountain people (joking, but there's obviously a theme of mountain living here)

*Devouring a pint of cookie dough ice cream in three settings

*Watching eternal sunshine of the spotless mind by myself in my place

Ba zoom.

The fact that I'm living a blessed life has not been more evident than now as I await the week ahead. I have a week to look forward to. My life is good; my relationships are good, with foundations in selfless charity. Foundations that remind me of how small I am and how gigantic our God is.

Loving and living this crazy mess of a beautiful life,


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