Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Long While

I cannot believe I've been away from here for over a month. 

Looking back on it, this little escape from blogging was God's quiet gift to me. I was able to relight my fire--in faith, life, love. it's been a whirlwind of changes since i've been gone. I'm staying at the apartment this summer, and it's been different, but home is close and family nights are so cherished. Speaking of family, we went on a beautiful and breathtaking vacation at the beginning of this month to Hawaii (post with loads of pictures to come soon!). That vacation was one of my favorite memories with my family, and i'm sure it will always be. 

While we were halfway around the world, my letter from UMKC School of Nursing came, and......


I got in!!

That was the biggest gift I could have received while we were away--it relieved so much pent up stress and fear. It was hard when we took off to truly be in the moment because my mind was constantly freaking out over whether my letter being late was a good or bad sign. 
Once i read the (picture of) my letter, I screamed and thanked God for this unbelievable opportunity. Just a little over a year ago I decided that I was going to pursuing nursing as a career, a change that I trusted was the path I was being called to. that letter was even further affirmation that a life of serving others in healthcare is where I can glorify God to the fullest. and that's so beautiful! And exciting beyond words. oh my, writing this is getting me all ecstatic again! And that's so entirely justified, so much work was put into the past year of school--both in the books and in prayer discerning God's will. And here I am, with a stethoscope and some nursin' clogs in my room, ready for clinical jump start in August. Oh God your works are so mysterious and good.

Other happenings have been summer living infused. and it's been so great. 

A few weeks ago we adventured to the Missouri River with Julia and Matt, and it was one of those moments where time doesn't matter. We walked along the river, and even ran to see a train go by.

In other words, we lived as all young people should--purely and with freedom as the wind at our backs.

I can't help it--he's such a stud!

Matt and Julia just being the cute couple they totally are
My main man making me chicken and quesadillas (:
Summer drives and sunsets
FFFN (Friday Family Fun Night). Yep. It's that legit.
Most recent adventure--Twin Drive-In. 
I am undoubtably blessed, and I find myself distraught at how to give thanks to God for the love, family, and friends in my life. It seems so impossible to sum up so much, and maybe I'll never be able to give God all the praise that this life is worth. But maybe that's the point. I can live my life confused as to how I am worthy of so much and never give enough back, or i can take the opportunities i've been given to glorify Him. In this I believe I can point to His goodness and in turn, give of my own life so as to praise Him.

God is good, no He is great. 

No He is more

That, and so much more.

Happy summer, all!



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