Sunday, July 7, 2013

Become A New Creation In Christ

I watched this movie on Netflix yesterday called "This Is Our Time"--totally one of those inspirational category movies. Which usually contain terrible lines and so so acting. but this one was different, and so refreshing. 

The story centered on a group of friends as they graduated from college, and where the next year of their lives took them. While two of them surely listened and followed God's call in their lives to serve children in India, the other three struggled to understand and live out God's plan. I don't want to give away too much, but it was a sad movie. I kinda cried. twice. or more...anyways though, the movie had such truth ringing through it that I have shared it's message with quite a few friends since I watched it. 

The friends may not have understood why God had placed them in a situation or heard His call and taken action, but they were faithful in their deserts. One of the men in the group realized that it isn't about what God is calling us to do, it's about putting on the character of Christ and listening to what God calls us to be. So powerful!! It is beyond easy to consume ourselves with the whens and possibilities of God's intricate plans for us, but if we are to truly be followers of Christ, we must put aside our fears and limitations of this world. We must rise above our bodies so as to be the men and women that God made us to be when He first thought of us. 

I have been struggling with the notion that I am not the young woman that i dream of being, and that I haven't taken the steps to become that woman yet, thus I am failing. this message though, is a lie. And God spoke through a simple movie to reveal that to me! So mysterious and amazing! When we let go of our steps to becoming the men and women that we--better yet, who God has made us to be--, we can become them today. Such a true gift to know that out of love, God has given us freedom to choose Him. And in choosing Him, we have the beautiful chance to discover His love for us. God is the deepest mystery of this world; a blessing that we are loved and cared for by such a merciful Creator. 

Also, little umph to yesterday's revelation, today's second reading was Galations 6: 11-18. In this letter from St. Paul, he tells the new Christians to put aside worries of this world--it is not our calling to glory in the world's sufferings. we are to become "a new creation in Christ",  and thus have no fear of man, because we shall carry with us Christ and His example.

Today is a new day,


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