Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We Are Just Beginning

Well, it's been a while!

Almost an entire year, and it has been a year

In January 2016, in front of our family and closest friends, James asked me to be his wife (insert so many emotions and tears of joy).

I don't think I can give the right or needed words to express how excited we are, how grateful we are to be engaged, to be so close to this next chapter of our life together. Our wedding is now 6 days away, and it still feels so surreal that we get to choose our best friend as our spouse for the rest of our lives. 

Of course we had the standard wedding-planning to-dos, but we were also preparing to graduate from college, and that brought a load of stress like we hadn't seen or expected. There were major low points, and now that we are on the other side, I am so grateful for the chance to be there for each other in ways that we hadn't needed before. 

Graduation came, and it was emotional to watch my sweet man walk across the stage and receive his degree. I felt so proud, and I still do! It gave us both so much joy to receive the fruits of four years of very hard work and seemingly endless stress. It all had a purpose, one that we could see a glimmer of, but didn't fully understand and grasp until now--so many lessons are learned that way, funny right? 

The summer was spent getting into our new jobs, James working for a local business, and me with the same children I have been with for 2 years, but now in the role of a RN. The transition was hard-- but not in the way that everyone had prepared us for. I was prepared to have difficulty delegating, and picking up nursing skills and assessments. I wasn't so prepared for the weight of nursing judgement calls, parents now looking to me to answer questions, and the strain that three night shifts a week was going to take on my body. We dealt with our fair share of unexpected bumps with his new job too, and the combination of both of our stresses wasn't always perfect, but even through that we've grown and evolved in our communication and understanding. And I was just thinking the other day, "Man I hope that James and I have taken full advantage of our engagement time to grow as a couple", God you guys, He gets you when you least expect it!

So here we are, less than one week away from our wedding day, and I can't imagine having anyone else with me along this journey. 

We are just beginning; I have so much faith and trust in what we have worked to build, what God has strengthened and molded within our relationship, within our life together. 

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